Job description:

1. Responsible for customer’s website, mobile application creative design.

2. Responsible for web mapping and static pages coding.

3. Responsible for the company’s software interface design.

4. Responsible for company VIS design (business card, album, logo, posters, outdoors, etc.).

Job requirements:

1.College degree or above, major in web design or art of computer related major.

2.More than two years experience in web UI design.

3.Master in Photoshop, Illustrator, flash CDR and other design software, able to complete the static web pages design by himself; familiar with JS and have large online project experience is preferred;

4.Have a good aesthetic ability, profound art skill,strong graphic design ability and web design capabilities.

Note: Please attach your own design works when applying for this post.

Company benefits:

1. Twos off a week, and rest in national holidays;

2. Working hours: 9:00-12:00,13:30-18:00;

3. In accordance with state law, there is social insurance for employee(pension, medical, work injury, unemployment and maternity insurance);

4. In accordance with state law, there is housing fund for employee;

5. According to the relevant provisions, employee can enjoy purchase fund;

6. All employees who reach a certain age are entitled to paid annual leave;

7. Wedding leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, nursing leave: any formal employee can enjoy paid vacation;

8. Training: the company will give employee training based on company’s development needs, for those who have potential, company will provide the opportunity to go out and learn;

9. The Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other traditional holidays gifts will be given;

10. Project bonus payment;

11. According to the needs of work overtime, overtime subsidies, overtime meals and transportation subsidies will be given;

12. Staff outdoor activities will be offering.

13. Flexibility working hours;

14. Equality and broad promotion space;

15. Open and harmonious working atmosphere, comfortable and convenient working environment.


SunRun Technology Co., Ltd is an Internet technology company, China open source software technology service provider, we develop new products base on business market.

Company development process:

2003-2005 business initiation stage;

2005-2012 initial stage;

2012-2015 transformation growth phase.


Company service area:

1. Provide open source technology for community, party and government organs and enterprises;

2. Committed to build house caring platform;

3. Combined with many cases and practical experience to build internet products;

4. Combined with the actual situation to provider a complete project development.


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